Free Facebook Advertising Step by Step Complete Tutorial

Free Facebook advertising

Free Facebook Advertising is the Great Trick & Tip to increase your Facebook Page Like, Post Reach and Promote Website. Facebook is top 1 Social Media Network where large number of people login everyday. Maximum Brand and organization available on Facebook and they increase our customer through Facebook. Also Blogger and many website owner get Unique Traffic from Facebook and rank our website through Facebook advertising.

Today i tell you how to run free Facebook advertising and increase you Page likes, boost your post and get more traffic to you website.

they are follow step to create free Facebook Ads.

  1. Go To Neteller and Get free Virtual credit card
  2. Open Your Facebook Page
  3. Click on Boost Post option
  4. Select your target audience
  5. Set Your Budget
  6. Click Next
  7. Select county United Kingdom
  8. Enter your Neteller Credit Card Detail
  9. Click next
  10. Now After 1 or 2 hours your ad is active after review by Facebook Team. (Enjoy your First Ad)

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