Get Free Virtual Credit Card for Online Shopping & Verification PayPal

How to get Virtual Credit Card

Get Free Virtual Credit Card for Verification, Many countries not offer credit for online usage then people find virtual credit card for online shopping, Verify PayPal account and many other usage. Now I tell you how to get Free Virtual Credit Card without any proof documentation. Just Simple Signup and add little bit amount 0.01 and Enjoy your Credit Card.

Many people not like to use online our original Credit and some people haven’t any credit card and bank account, But they are all need credit card for online Shopping, PayPal Verification, Get Free Trails, Free Facebook Advertising  Verify payment method and Get 20$ on signup in freelancer and many other way to use virtual credit card.

There are step by step Guideline how to create Free Virtual Credit Card without Bank account & other formalities.

  1. Go to Neteller Signup Page (if you are in Asian Countries then you need Uk proxy Server )
  2. Enter your Original Details like Email, Password, Name, Date of Birth.
  3. Now if you are not live in uk you go to Fake Name Generator (get UK fake address)
  4. Enter UK Address and phone number and clink signup button
  5. now you go on secure id page save your Secure Id.
  6. Go to login
  7. when you move dashboard click +neteller card.
  8. click on Virtual Card
  9. Now you need positive balance to get your virtual credit card
  10. click put money on neteller
  11. Select you any payment method but i prefer to use Skrill (if you need skrill $ contact me)
  12. Enter any positive balance minimum 0.01$
  13. after deposit balance enter your Card Name and Secure Id
  14. Congratulation now your Credit Card is Active. (Enjoy Your Credit Card)

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